Matthias Stumpff

Matthias Stumpff

Chef de Cuisine

„Matthias is a fantastic cook with a lot of creativity and always surprised me with new ideas when it comes to flavors, preparation and combinations. He is a good leader and manages personal relations with his staff in a very professional way.“

(Clemens Guenther on LinkedIn)


An award-winning and highly skilled Executive Chef with vast knowledge in the areas of international cuisine and fine dining management. Renowned for innovative approach to creating a customized dining experience for clients.

Embracing over 30 years working in restaurants, hotels, resorts and clubs while developing an in-depth understanding of German, South American, Floridian and British cuisine. Creative Chef with a passion for crafting unique recipes using a combination of various flavors, textures and local/seasonal ingredients. Experience encompasses cultivating relationships with local farmers and growers in order to use only the best ingredients for customers.

Administrative and business operations skills include market analysis and financial budgeting skills, which help maintain the budgeted margin for his employers. Experience encompasses monitoring and adhering to a strict health and safety regime, implementing food hygiene standards and cleanliness while maintaining the kitchens and equipment.

Multilingual, culturally sensitive and internationally travelled professional experienced in effective collaboration with diverse groups of people. Offering a proven track record of leveraging a combination of outstanding communication and organizational skills with an exceptional work ethic to successfully carry out duties.

Natural ability to manage, motivate and build cohesive teams that work towards common goals. Solid skills in coaching, mentoring and counseling, as well as in leading by example.

Highly adaptable leader who is resilient, thriving on challenges and remaining committed to maintaining the highest standards in service.

Owner of Restaurant, Steakhouse

Matt’s Food and Wine,
Bonn, Germany

2018 – Present Day

Chef de Cuisine

Fiddler’s Creek,
Naples, Florida

January 2016 – December 2017

Fünf Sterne

Chef de Cuisine

Ocean Reef Club
Key Largo, Forida

October 2009 – December 2015

Fünf Sterne


Vom Fass, Bristol, UK

Dezember 2003 – Januar 2009

Fünf Sterne

Chef de cuisine

Hotel Morichal Largo, Maturin

June 1995 – September 2003

Fünf Sterne

Executive Sous Chef

Hotel Maremares, Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela

January 1992 – January 1994

Fünf Sterne

Sous Chef

Hotel Eurobuilding, Caracas

1991 – 1992
Venezuela, Caracas

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